Natural Burial Products by the Northwoods Casket Company
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Resources for Green & Natural Burial

In the last decade the United Kingdom has lead the world in green and natural burial trends. In the last five years the trend has started to take notice in the United States. Each year the number of green and natural burial cemeteries across the United States grows. Funeral industry experts and analysts forecast that the trend for green and natural burial will grow significantly with the advent of advance funeral planning activities among the aging Baby Boomer population.

The Natural Burial Company ( - Eugene, Oregon

"The Natural Burial Company distributes biodegradable coffins and natural burial goods throughout the US and Canada. Any funeral director can supply you with a Natural Burial Company coffin, urn, or shroud.

Are homemade caskets legal? ( - Lyme, New Hampshire

"This often-asked question is a testament to the effectiveness of the funeral industry's decades-long effort to promote funeral directors as the only legitimate source of funeral goods and services. This is not the case, even though the funeral industry has pretty much written its own regulations, state by state.

Many people mistakenly think they need to purchase a casket from the funeral home that provides all the other funeral services they select, but this is not true. Anyone who makes funeral arrangements with a licensed funeral director is entitled by federal regulations that govern the industry (the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule) to purchase the casket from any source -- or even to use one made by a family member or friend.

How Green is my Funeral? (

"When I first introduced the concept of woodland burial in Cumbria in 1989, global warming and carbon footprints had yet to be recognised. The scheme was originally intended for people who had expressed a need for an alternative to conventional cemeteries and cremation e.g. back garden burials.

Natural End (

"The Natural End Map guides you to natural funeral service providers, end-of-life assistants, cemeteries, and others that offer natural funeral and burial services. If they've signed the Natural End Pledge, you can be sure they offer the natural basics and many Pledge Signers do much more than just the basics.

Thresholds of Life (

"I’m Nora Cedarwind Young ~ Death Midwife, Hospice Chaplain, Ceremonialist and Green Burial Educator. I live and work in the greater Seattle area, and teach workshops throughout the country. I create and facilitate ceremonies for all of life’s passages, from birth through the grave; but my heart truly lies in end-of-life work. My belief system, deeply grounded in the seasons and cycles of nature, has taught me that death is as certain and sacred as birth. I envision individuals and families fearlessly facing death, feeling free to extend this “time out of time” with a loved one, and knowing who to call for support.

KINKARACO™ Green Burial Products ( - San Francisco, California

"KINKARACO™ Green Burial Products is an American Green company providing an ecological alternative in interment with beautiful, affordable, dignified, biodegradeble burial shrouds, cremation shrouds and other ceremonial funeral products. Our company is devoted to the Sacred in preserving our Earth's natural resources while best cherishing your loved ones.

Funeral Consumer's Alliance ( - South Burlington, Vermont

"Trying to plan a funeral or cremation, but don't know where to start or how to make sure it's affordable? We've got 29 free articles packed with tips! And if you find our work valuable, please help us keep it going. FCA is the only nonprofit charity protecting the rights (and the wallets) of bereaved consumers nationwide. Your tax-deductible gifts are what keep this service alive for you, your friends and neighbors, and for all grieving families.

This site is full of great information and advice and wonderful treasures like this article on green burial, this letter, Lay Me to Rest in A Plain Pine Box, One Mother's Letter to Her Children and this article by Joseph Black Pesaresi, "Simple and Cheap" My Father Said widely published in 2006 and 2007.

The Funeral Site ( - Kent, Washington

"Funeral planning is something most of us will have to do, but how do we begin? is a free consumer information and education resource on funeral planning, financing funerals, funeral products and services. Our mission is to provide information for people planning funerals, so that they can be prepared and thoughtful about how they celebrate and remember the lives of those they love.

Natural Burial at (

"The goal of a natural burial is to return the body to the earth in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition and allows the body to recycle naturally. It is intended as an environmentally sustainable alternative to existing funeral practices that may pose future hazards to public health and run counter to modern resource-conservation activities.

Green Burial Council ( - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"We want to see eco-friendly end-of-life rituals become a viable option for honoring the dead, healing the living, and inviting in the divine.

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) ( - Brookfield, Wisconsin

"The National Funeral Directors Association is the worldwide source of expertise and professional resources for all facets of funeral service. Through education, information and advocacy, NFDA is dedicated to supporting members in their mission to provide families with meaningful end-of-life services at the highest levels of excellence and integrity.

Each year, 22,500 cemeteries across the United States bury approximately 30 million board feet of hardwood caskets, 90,272 tons of steel caskets, 14,000 tons of steel vaults, 2700 tons of copper and bronze in caskets, 1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete vaults, and 827,060 US gallons of embalming fluid--which most commonly includes formaldehyde.

Compiled from statistics by Casket and Funeral Association of America, Cremation Association of North America, Doric Inc., The Rainforest Action Network, and Mary Woodsen, Pre-Posthumous Society. Read more at on Natural Burial.